Issue №1, Vol. 10
Sukhanov Y., Sokolov A., Gerasimov Y. Efficiency of Forest Chip Supply Systems in Karelia // Resources and Technology. 2013. №1, Vol. 10. P. 1‒23.

DOI: 10.15393/

Efficiency of Forest Chip Supply Systems in Karelia

   Yuri V.
Petrozavodsk State University,
   Anton P.
Petrozavodsk State University,
   Yuri Y.
Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla,
Key words:
woody biomass; fuel chips; chipper; forwarder; bundler; simulation; GIS
Summary: Russia has significant volumes of woody biomass of different origins that are available for energy, but wood is not widely used as fuel. Four alternatives of forest chip supply systems were compared in the Republic of Karelia with the support system and the most favorable methods of wood chip production were determined by the local market conditions. The collection of logging residues for chipping is cost-effective if the distance to the customer is less than 50 km. The use of round energy wood for the production of forest chips compared with the use of logging residues is more economically feasible. In this case, forest chips can be transported up to 150 km. The availability of logging residues largely depends on the load-bearing capacity of the soil at harvesting sites. When considering the local market, a production method based on chipping energy wood at the end user facility has the best economic efficiency.

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