Issue Vol. 4
Shegelman I., Skripnik V., Pladov A. Моделирование движения лесовозных автопоездов с использованием ПЭВМ // Resources and Technology. 2003. Vol. 4. P. 164‒168.

DOI: 10.15393/

Моделирование движения лесовозных автопоездов с использованием ПЭВМ

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PetrSU, @
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KSRI of FS PetrSU, @
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Shujales CO, @
Key words:
haul rig truck-and-trailer
program of modeling of movement
productivity of the haul rig truck-and-trailer
experimental researches
technical and economic parameters
Summary: In the work the description of algorithm and program of calculation of parameters of movement haul rig truck-and-trailer is given on the basis of new methods of hauling capacity calculation providing in comparison with traditional methods higher accuracy and reliability. The algorithm of the program stipulates determination of parameters of movement in all modes (work of the engine on external and partial characteristics, movement outwards, braking by the engine, motor brake, wheel brake) taking into account the restrictions of speed. Some results of solving-experimental researches are given. The area of application is designated, the results of work are given.

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