Issue №2, Vol. 11
Borisov A., Kolesnikov G. The cutting of shingles from the short aspen logs in warehouse timber industry // Resources and Technology. 2014. №2, Vol. 11. P. 152‒161.

DOI: 10.15393/

The cutting of shingles from the short aspen logs in warehouse timber industry

"Energy efficient building construction" Ltd,
Petrozavodsk State University,
Key words:
environmental management
aspen wood
the use of short-length balances
production of shingles
splitting roundwood cutting
Summary: Aspen is one of the fastest-growing and easy to breed species. And often it remains unclaimed timber companies because of the strong defeat rot. The purpose of this article to investigate the possibilities of processing aspen wood in a timber warehouse for the production of roofing materials. For this review, the typical scheme of the enterprise was supplemented with the process for the manufacture of shingles. Wooden shingles with right conditions of maintenance can become a competitive building material with eco-friendliness and the relative durability. Additionally, in order to optimize production and energy costs, improvements in technology suggested splitting scraps of logs to be processed by a cleaver blade curved shape. The maximum volume of the roofing material can be achieved by optimizing cutting plans shorts. To increase the technological and consumer quality shingles, it is possible the development and use of panel designs. We can conclude that the rational use of aspen wood is a complex problem that requires further research.

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