Contents №4, Vol. 14, 2017

Resources and Technology, Vol. 14 (2017), Issue 4

Khitrov E., Khakhina A., Lukhnimskiy V., Kazakov D.Study of relationship between cone index and deformation modulus of various soil types
Displays: 2814; Downloads: 1837;
1 - 16
Popikov P. I., Druchinin D. Y., Korotkikh V. N., Zimarin S. V., Sherstyukov N. A., Stupnikov D. S.Simulation of a forest disk plow soil interaction process during fire breaks development
Displays: 1998; Downloads: 1812;
17 - 31
Kuz A. A., Emelianova E. G., Fedorova A. V.Analysis of changes in the construction estimate pricing system in modern conditions of the Russian Federation
Displays: 1892; Downloads: 1834;
32 - 42
Popikov P. I., Chernykh A., Chetverikova I. V., Rodionov D. N., Menyailov K. A.Optimization of hydraulic parameters of the lifting mechanism of the manipulator of the truck
Displays: 1349; Downloads: 759;
43 - 65