Contents №1, Vol. 19, 2022

Kunickaya O., Belyaev N., Hitrov E.Methodology enhancement for program determination of roundwood batch volume to improve the accuracy of its application
Displays: 154; Downloads: 74;
1 - 47
Syunev V., Grafova E.New technical solutions for reducing the negative impact of forest industries on the forest environment
Displays: 122; Downloads: 73;
48 - 71
Yudin R. V., Popikov P. I., Uskov V. I., Platonov A., Popikov V., Kanishchev D.Мathematical model of operating processes of the chocker-free trip with energy-saving hydraulic drive
Displays: 106; Downloads: 60;
72 - 86
Tebenkova D. N., Kataev A. D.Multifunctional forestry or timber harvesting?
Displays: 118; Downloads: 74;
87 - 113
Pobedinskiy V. V., Anyanova E. V., Kovalev R. N., Iovlev G. A.Fuzzy modeling of disturbed lands natural revegetation
Displays: 93; Downloads: 55;
114 - 128
Kalyashov V., Shapiro V., Grigorev I., Kunickaya O., Grigoreva O.Assessment of the efficiency of the skidding portage on the slope of the thawing soil mass under cyclic static loads
Displays: 90; Downloads: 52;
129 - 148