Contents №1, Vol. 20, 2023

Vasiliev V. V., Afonichev D. N.Calculation of the upgraded flat unit strength
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1 - 25
Kalyashov V., Shapiro V., Grigorev I., Kunickaya O., Novikov M., Grigoreva O.Classification of slopes with thawing soils according to the geotechnical conditions of their interaction with the forest machine movers
Displays: 165; Downloads: 80;
26 - 41
Karasev Y., Markov V., Dmitriev A., Dolzhikov I., Yudilevich A.Prospects for further research on the improvement of tracked forest vehicles
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42 - 86
Vasilyev S., Devjatnikova L., Kolesnikov G.The effect of the chipping log sections length on the fractional composition of wooden chips
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87 - 111
Grafova E., Stepanov A., Syunev V., Katarov V.Increasing the environmental safety of the R-21 "Kola" road as a central element of the Karelian forest infrastructure
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112 - 128