Issue №2, Vol. 11
Kogochev A. Common multirotor autopilot system // Resources and Technology. 2014. №2, Vol. 11. P. 111‒118.

DOI: 10.15393/

Common multirotor autopilot system

Petrozavodsk State University,
Key words:
multirotor; autopilot; microcontroller board; unmanned aerial vehicle; altitude stabilization
Summary: Currently unmanned aerial vehicles, which include multirotor are widespread. Typically, the control of such apparatus is carried remotely, which undoubtedly poses certain problems, taking into account possible communication failures, operator errors, delays and inaccuracies in management. Autopilot system, additionally implemented on board of multirotor applied to solve these problems. The functions of such a system may be either redundant control and fly along user-specified points. The study is devoted to the development of the autopilot system for multirotor, which transparent from the point of view of the management interface for a typical multirotor, and is formed as a separate module. The article describes the structure of the automatic piloting in terms of hardware, as well as the general algorithm of its work. The results of measurements, which is dedicated to solving the problem of stabilization multirotor at a certain height, during the experimental flights are presented. Detailed review of arising errors and their solutions is proposed.

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