Issue №4, Vol. 15
Simonenkov M. An optimization model for weekly timber flow planning // Resources and Technology. 2018. №4, Vol. 15. P. 31‒52.

DOI: 10.15393/

An optimization model for weekly timber flow planning

   Mstislav Victorovich
Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University,
Key words:
operations research; forest harvesting
operational planning; mixed integer linear programming
Summary: The problem of weekly timber flow planning is considered from the perspective of Russian forest companies. The problem is to find the weekly harvest, delivery and road maintenance schedules and to meet industrial requirements with minimal costs. The planning horizon is 5-10 weeks. Quality reduction of the timber stored at roadside landings and warehouses is considered. There is a number of technological and management restrictions that have been taken into account. The result of monthly timber flow planning is considered. The author has developed a mixed integer programming mathematical model for the described problem. Improvements of this model regarding other models synthesized in scientific literature are given. These improvements were made to reduce the quantity of variables (including binary) and restrictions and to strengthen the model linear relaxation (i.e. the model without integrality constraints). Computational results for a case of a pulp and paper producer are presented. The model is solved by using a commercial MIP solver in adequate time.

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