Issue №3, Vol. 17
Deviatnikova L., Simonova A. Influence of operating conditions on the destruction of wooden residential houses constructions // Resources and Technology. 2020. №3, Vol. 17. P. 36‒49.

DOI: 10.15393/

Influence of operating conditions on the destruction of wooden residential houses constructions

Petrozavodsk state University,
government Agency of the Republic of Karelia "Еnergy saving Center of Republic of Karelia",
Key words:
emergency housing stock
building operation conditions
physical wear and tear
Summary: The subject of the work is related to the main factors leading to accelerated wear of structures and engineering systems of residential buildings. At the federal level, issues of resettlement of residents of emergency houses are gradually being addressed, in particular as part of the national project "Housing and Urban Environment." The purpose of the work is to provide recommendations to improve living conditions by reducing the wear rate of load-bearing and enclosure structures, to increase their energy efficiency and prevent accidents. To achieve this goal, the authors used expert assessments taking into account regulatory documents, well-known methods for analyzing the technical condition of construction projects, including photographic fixation and the reports of previous surveys published in the scientific and technical literature. The methodology and results of the work are considered on the example of a real object - a wooden two-story residential building in the Republic of Karelia. It has been confirmed that operation disturbance reduce the duration of buildings safe operation. The lack of public-awareness efforts on the main mechanisms of the regional emergency housing relocation program is a constraining factor for citizens living in such housing. It is necessary to develop additional legal and institutional measures at the state and regional level to solve the problems of improving the quality of housing and communal services for the population while ensuring the availability of tariffs for these services.

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