Contents №3, Vol. 16, 2019

Tihonov E.Operational parameters justification of cages holding system for industrial fish farming
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1 - 11
Borisov V., Akinin D., Nikitin V.Some issues of logging truck and pole semitrailer hitch strength
Displays: 627; Downloads: 318;
12 - 23
Konstantinov V., Borisov V., Akinin D.The influence of a saw chain dynamics on cutting links wear
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24 - 32
Khoroshilov K. V., Katarov V., Gavrilov T., Kolesnikov G.Strength and Elastic Modulus of Frozen Sandy Soil as a Material for a Logging Road
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33 - 43
Vinogradov A., Kadatskaya M., Birman A., Vinogradova Т., Obiazov V., Katsadze V., Ugryumov S., Bacherikov I., Kovalenko T., Hvalev S., Parfenov Е.Calculation of non-eroding water flow velocities at the height of the upper boundary layer
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44 - 61