Contents №2, Vol. 16, 2019

Shilovsky V., Pitukhin A., Pitukhin E.About the significance of the factors determining laboriousness of forest machines maintenance
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1 - 12
Bozhbov V., Grigorev I., Rudov S., Teterevleva E., Chemshikova Y.Analysis of approaches to the description of processes of interaction of the propulsion of forest machines with the soil on the cutting area
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13 - 35
Khitrov E., Andronov A., Taradin G., Kotenev E.Evaluation of tractive performance of forestry vehicles on snow-covered surface
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36 - 58
Khoroshilov K. V., Katarov V. K., Gavrilov T. A., Kolesnikov G. N.Functioning of temporary logging roads in winter and off-season periods (a case of the Republic of Karelia)
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59 - 75
Kuzmenkov A. A., Baikova A. A.Comparison of technologies for construction of enclosing wall structures made of piece materials (on the example of low-rise construction in the Republic of Karelia)
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76 - 96
Chibirev O., Kunitskaya O., Davtyan A.The Analysis of Research of Wood Processing Wastes Briquetting by Using Hydraulic Press Equipment
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97 - 118
Golhstein G. Y., Shilovsky V. N.Assessing and Improving Maintainability of Assemblies of Machines
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119 - 130
Mohamed A. K., Turin N. A.Rational algorithm of the earth masses distribution in the forest road construction
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131 - 140
Kolesnikov G. N., Kantyshev A. V., Zaitseva M. I., Gorodnichina M. Y., Vasilyev S. B.Analysis of Wood Impregnation as a Capillary-porous Material
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141 - 151
Borisov V. A., Akinin D. V.Dynamics of grapple loaders equipment
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152 - 163