Contents №2, Vol. 19, 2022

Kalyashov V., Do Tuan A., Hitrov E., Grigoreva O., Gur'ev A., Novgorodov D.Modern systems of machinery and technologies for timber harvesting and reforestation in mountain forests
Displays: 141; Downloads: 67;
1 - 47
Bukreev V. Y., Kozlov V. G., Skrypnikov A. V., Manukovsky A. Y.Reduction of specific downtime of logging equipment in maintenance and repair
Displays: 106; Downloads: 49;
48 - 60
Sokolov A. P., Syunev V. S., Galaktionov O. N., Poikonen P., Seliverstov A. A., Lukashevich V. M.Potential areas of international cooperation between Russia and Finland: survey of forestry services suppliers
Displays: 112; Downloads: 43;
61 - 76
Vasiliev V. V., Afonichev D. N.Calculation of a flexible waterproof material strength for flat float units with a stabilized buoyancy reserve
Displays: 97; Downloads: 45;
77 - 102
Dobrynina O.Abstract of an article in engineering sciences and its machine translation
Displays: 88; Downloads: 44;
103 - 117
Zimarin S., Khripchenko M., Chetverikova I.Investigation of the parameters of a new multiblock design for resource-saving restoration of oak forests
Displays: 65; Downloads: 32;
118 - 133
Shilovsky V., Skobtsov I., Konanov D.Regression Analysis and Evaluation of Forest Machine Maintainability Factors
Displays: 66; Downloads: 27;
134 - 146